Zheng Chuan Gardens

Beijing, China

Capital Prestige

Zheng Chuan Garden is a mixed use development located on an 184,000 SM site which features a high level of prestige and privacy in Beijing. The elegant architecture massing is responsive to Beijing’s history in a stylish and vibrant manner. 

The 564,000 SM development plans for 128,000 SM of high-end residential and 174,000 SM of middle-class residential units, with amenities such as a 20,000 SM Cultural Center, a 4,000 SM Clubhouse and a 10,000 SM Secondary School.

The planned community will also provide 60,000 SM of office space, a 35,000 SM hotel and 22,000 SM serviced apartment facility along with a featured 120,000 SM multi-story shopping mall and distinct pedestrian shopping arcade. 



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