Discovery 高级中学 Clyde L. Strickland 创业中心

劳伦斯维尔, 乔治亚州

Grand Scale Wayfinding for a Vibrant Environment

The entrepreneurship program serves high school students at Discovery High School empowering them to start their own business. Flexible and open spaces were designed to provide an innovative learning environment. The 16,300 SF space is adorned with vibrant colors and the diverse textures of natural materials. Custom routing and painting of interior structures and marquee signage create an engaging and seamless sense of place for this new specialized learning environment.

For information about the Interior Design our team provided for this project, please click the link above. 

“I love your work and what you are putting together for us. Thank you for making us look so cool."


Scott Allen
Teacher, Entrepreneurial Program
Discovery High School