West Bay Office Building

Doha, Qatar

Local Design References Lead to Iconic Prominence

The West Bay Complex is a mixed use development along the Corniche in Doha, Qatar near the Qatar International Exhibition Center and Diplomatic District.

The largest and most prominent component of the West Bay Complex is the 30 story office building. This tower offers world class office condominium space with a footprint and core configuration designed to easily accommodate a single floor user or up to 4 smaller users in a multi-tenant arrangement. Each of these users can locate their entrance directly off of the elevator lobby. Covered and shaded parking for building tenants was accommodated at below grade with direct access to the tower. 

The project is themed around classic indigenous Qatar architecture. Significant research was undertaken to find and understand those architectural elements that were unique to Qatar. The result is a significant commercial project that is at home in Qatar.

For the office building, the signature lattice dome expression at the top of the building successfully screens elevator overrides and rooftop mechanical equipment within an iconic, thematic feature.

Other components of the complex include a Four Seasons Resort Hotel and Club that features a grand lobby, club spa, restaurants, a ballroom, meeting rooms, a business center, and porte-cochere.