Our Workplace

The foundation for collaboration

Collaboration is our culture. We develop our design solutions in the context of a multidisciplinary practice where the unique demands of each project drive the heartbeat of our teams. We believe that we best serve our clients by remaining flexible and agile in a volatile market. Our professional staff offer the benefits of diversified experience in a wide range of project types. We build and maintain our teams on a project-by-project basis, in a non-hierarchical, open environment. This broadens the impact of every lesson learned β€” and every project solved β€” by expanding collaboration beyond traditional silos of market experience.

We encourage our professionals to engage in the marketplace and bring an awareness of best practices to their design processes. A large part of this comes through our dedication to furthering the professional development of our team. We supplement our project-based learning environment with a robust continuing education program. This program is established to inform our architects and designers of the latest changes in products, processes, codes and design innovation. In most cases, sessions in this program qualify for mandatory continuing education units required to maintain professional licensures.