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Bringing Brands to Life in the Built Environment

In the contemporary landscape, the influence of visual brand elements has never been more profound, permeating diverse mediums such as applied, dimensional, and digital graphics. Within this dynamic realm, our adept design team excels in actualizing specialized concepts across a spectrum of contexts, spanning multifamily, corporate, hospitality, retail, and educational domains.

Central to our design ethos is the cultivation of lucid visual communication systems and instinctive graphic solutions tailored for the physical realm. Drawing inspiration from overarching project designs and leveraging time-tested design principles, our team orchestrates bespoke environmental graphics that seamlessly integrate brands, themes, and concepts. This collaborative endeavor extends to close partnerships with both internal and external design cohorts, fostering innovation in the application of established brand standards and the exploration of avenues to amplify your brand's resonance within your project's scope.


I had the privilege of working with Smallwood on the design and branding of the Bay Center facility as well as our new corporate workspace and the results have exceeded my expectations. The Smallwood team was able to take our ideas and concepts and develop detailed designs that not only brought our ideas to life but incorporated elements of our culture, brand and team identities in ways we hadn’t originally thought of. The whole team was professional and brought incredible expertise that allowed us to feel comfortable knowing the end product was going to be completed with excellence.  It’s wonderful when you can find a design partner that is able to align with you on your vision and desires and produces an exemplary end product.


Aaron Hill
Production Design, Marketing
Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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