SJC Ventures

Atlanta, Georgia

Creating Impactful Workplace Environments

The Atlanta Headquarters office of SJC Ventures finds its home within the vibrant Interlock project situated in the heart of West Midtown. Our dedicated team of Experiential Graphic Designers collaborated closely with our talented Interior Designers and the Client to transform this space into a dynamic and adaptable workspace that truly embodies the company's core values.

A key focus of our design approach was to seamlessly merge the essence of SJC Ventures' brand identity with the physical environment. This endeavor involved an artful blend of the company's distinct brand colors harmonizing with the organic warmth of natural wood tones. This juxtaposition brought forth a captivating visual narrative, where the interplay of contrasting elements was used to striking effect.

In this innovative workspace, the industrial charm of exposed steel, the contemporary allure of glass, and the timeless elegance of polished concrete floors converge to create a unique atmosphere. The result is a dynamic and inviting environment that not only reflects the forward-thinking nature of SJC Ventures but also provides a comfortable and inspiring setting for collaboration and innovation.

Our Experiential Graphic Designers meticulously crafted every detail of the office environment to convey the company's mission, values, and aspirations. From the moment one steps foot into the headquarters, they are immersed in a visual story that speaks to SJC Ventures' commitment to excellence and its forward-looking vision.

The integration of brand elements into the physical space serves as a daily reminder to employees and visitors alike of the company's ethos and goals. It fosters a sense of belonging and inspiration, encouraging all who enter to think boldly, collaborate freely, and aspire to reach new heights in the world of business and innovation.

In summary, the Atlanta Headquarters office of SJC Ventures, nestled within the dynamic Interlock project in West Midtown, is a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It seamlessly marries the company's brand identity with architectural elements to create a workspace that is as visually captivating as it is functional, embodying the spirit and aspirations of SJC Ventures in every corner.