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Adding Layers of Richness to the Built Environment

With all of our projects, we have visions of paradise. We avoid injecting our projects with the standard commercialized landscaping and seek ways to create GardensGardens have layers of richness that connect people to their past and to their land. Our unique ability to bring Architecture and Interior Design knowledge into our Gardens helps us create places where people and the environment connect. All our best spaces involve a gracious amount of garden-like qualities. They take an otherwise harsh environment and envelop it with plants and nature.

We are plant people. We understand their cleansing influence on the human condition, the emotions they evoke in our daily lives, and their benefits to the greater whole. One glance of a singular flower or one brief whiff of a gardenia on a late spring walk can cause a cascading effect to a passerby's mental health that could last a lifetime.

We seek to invoke that emotional connection to nature in all our projects by creating a true garden for everyone.

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It has been a pleasure working with you here at Chick-fil-A Corporate Campus. Your vision and expertise has been a tremendous asset in creating an inspiring environment.


Mark Miller,
Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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