Song Sun, AIA

Direct: 1-404-264-6460

Song is a highly skilled and experienced Architect and designer who is known for his ability to innovate, inspire, and create delightful environments. He brings a breadth of knowledge from master planning to building design. Song believes in using his extensive knowledge to craft spaces that align with his clients' aspirations, values, and business strategies. One of Song's core principles is the importance of diversifying project types in Architectural practice. He understands that working on a variety of projects is crucial for the company's stability and growth. By exploring different project types, Song continuously challenges himself and his team, fostering creativity and expanding their capabilities. Brainstorming and collaboration are aspects of the design process that Song particularly enjoys. He thrives on the exchange of ideas and the challenge of bringing those ideas to life. By working closely with diverse teams, he can leverage their collective expertise to create truly inspiring and innovative designs.

Song's project experience encompasses a wide range of sectors, including Hospitality, Mixed Use Developments, Multifamily, Office, and Master Planning. He has worked on projects both domestically and internationally, with a particular focus on the Southeast Asia region. This diverse experience has given him valuable insights into different cultural contexts and design approaches. Song understands the unique requirements and challenges that each industry presents and tailors his designs to meet the specific needs of his clients. Throughout his work, he maintains a steadfast commitment to functionality, budget considerations, practicality, and, most importantly, design that pushes boundaries and uplifts the human spirit.

Song's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Tsinghua University in China, known for its prestigious Architecture program. He further expanded his expertise by pursuing a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota. This interdisciplinary education equips him with a holistic understanding of the built environment and enables him to integrate landscape and architectural elements seamlessly. Song is a talented Architect and designer who combines his diverse knowledge, collaborative spirit, and commitment to innovative design to create inspiring and impactful spaces for his clients.

Without a doubt, you are an incredibly talented designer who delivers high quality results. You are flexible, intuitive and a pleasure to work with.”

Tony J. Morris, President and CEO
American Maglev Technology, Inc


American Institute of Architects


Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota, 2000

Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 1996

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