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Better Streets, Better Cities

Street life has been dormant for some time now, but we are leading a movement to bring it back. A great deal of activity can happen in a short section of street frontage, so we take a lot of time studying the intricacies of this micro-environment and apply what we learn to all of our projects. The reward for our work is seeing the organic eruption of people and life when you provide them with space and the freedom to enjoy the urban experience.

We call it the "first thirty feet". Between the curb, the sidewalk, the tree canopy, and the first thirty feet of the building facade, the energy of the city occurs and comes alive. It's about the pedestrian experience and how to create layers of intimacy that make a street comfortable and fun to trverse as part of the human experience.

We seek to create these environments and take part in this return to the City Beautiful movement.

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What Centergy and Technology Square have done is nothing short of redefining and energizing that part of Midtown Atlanta...They provide a fabulous example of how attention to design quality, streetscape and development coordination can generate vibrancy and result in a successful development project.


Jim Durrett, ULI Atlanta Executive Director

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