Mixed Use

Impact—However it Stacks Up!

Mixed Use projects are successful when each of the individual uses within them is successful. Our extensive experience in the design of office, residential, hotel and retail projects makes us uniquely qualified to design mixed use developments composed of buildings that work.

The challenge for mixed use projects, particularly those in dense urban environments, is that each use performs as it should without sacrificing the performance of the other uses. We focus on pedestrian and vehicular access, visibility and marketability of each use, creating the appropriate identity and a sense of place, as well as designing an active, memorable environment where the “whole is truly much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Meet Some of Our Team


Smallwood understood the unique complexities of vertically stacked construction and brought value to our project by applying that experience throughout the design process. The result is a world-class, iconic development. 


David B. Allman
Chairman, Regent Partners