Viva Bahriya, The Pearl

Doha, Qatar

Mega Residential Development on a Man-Made Island

Viva Bahriya is one of the major precincts at The Pearl - Qatar development and is comprised of luxury residential condominiums and a marina recreation and retail facility. The design creates an exclusive landmark residential mixed use development on a man-made island approximately 20 KM north of central Doha in the Arabian Gulf. The residential towers, marina and retail areas are located around a newly developed beachfront lagoon that is linked to The Viva Centrale resort on a small island in the center of the lagoon.  

The architectural style of The Viva Bahriya Precinct embraces five distinct Latin and African Mediterranean styles to form an eclectic and stimulating residential development. The result is the creation of a tasteful and elegant development that provides Doha, and the state of Qatar, with a stylish living environment on the cutting edge of international residential design.  

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