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Blurring the Lines between Live, Work and Play

From communal spaces to private exterior workspaces to dog walks to bike hubs, the possibilities are growing, and we are leading the way in the design and implementation of these new environments. We bring Interior Design, Architectural Design, and Experiential Graphic Design principles into our exterior design thought process to create complete spaces that are functional and comfortable. By pushing the boundaries of design, we are defining the language of these recharged amenity spaces and leading the movement towards a richer and more intimate landscape.

Adding biophilic aspects to a project creates a space that people instinctively desire to inhabit and provides that intrinsic cleansing of the mind that we all seek out in our daily lives. Our spaces not only bring people together, but we also seek to bring them closer to nature and all the benefits that are derived from that interaction.

We seek to create "homes away from home" where people can recharge and reconnect.

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You and your team mastered the design challenges of incorporating all our requirements into a cost effective and well accepted high end product in the market.


James R. Borders, Novare Group Holdings, LLC

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