Stability, Security, and Functionality

Smallwood has worked in the public sector since the firm's inception over 40 years ago. During this time, we have designed projects for Municipal, County, State, and Federal government entities. Our success in the public sector is the result of our collaborative design process. We listen attentively to the needs and objectives of our governmental clients. Then, we work closely with the design team and government agency to develop appropriate, cost-effective design solutions that meet the project's immediate and long-term goals.

We understand the importance of delivering value within established budgets. To every government project, we bring the knowledge and experience of a multi-disciplinary design firm operating in multiple market sectors around the world. Whether the project is a renovation, addition, or new government facility, we draw upon the breadth of our practice to ensure its success.

We also have the expertise to address the unique safety and security concerns of government buildings. While the technical demands can be challenging, our designers strive to incorporate the requisite safety features without compromising the efficiency or beauty of the building design.


I wish to express our appreciation to you and your team for completing the project on time and within budget. Your staff paid close attention to the concerns of the IRS for the building and responded to those concerns quickly and thoroughly.


Terry Fuquea,
U.S. General Service Administration,
Southeast Sunbelt Region

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