The Cay Building

Savannah, Georgia

Historical Inspiration Completes Ellis Square

Located in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, the Cay Building is a six-story, 72,000 SF premiere office building developed on one of the few remaining vacant trust lots in the area. The building’s entrance faces Ellis Square and is built above a four-level underground public parking structure which extends under the square. The owner developed the project in response to a General Services Administration solicitation to provide a new home for the building’s anchor tenant, the United States Attorney’s offices. Smallwood provided Interior Design services for this tenant’s offices as part of our scope of services, in addition to architectural and public space interior design of the base building. 

The building was designed in the Georgian style, to reflect the civic importance of the building’s location and occupants. The team collaborated with the local authorities to obtain an interpretation of the historic district’s design guidelines, to successfully achieve this style of architectural design. We worked closely with local review boards to allow the design to project a sense of monumentality appropriate to its purpose and prominent location, within the historic districts' design guidelines.  

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Awards & Recognition

Charter Award for Ellis Square

- Congress for the New Urbanism 2013

Preservation Award

- Historic Savannah Foundation 2013

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