Experiential Graphic Design

Signage and Wayfinding

Identify, Direct and Inform...Creatively

We engage in direct collaboration with Architecture and Interior Design teams, orchestrating the seamless integration of inventive signage design solutions. These solutions harmoniously align with the building's design intent and its contextual surroundings. Our collaborative approach encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of services, including in-depth analyses and recommendations for effective wayfinding and signage strategies. These strategies encompass a range of considerations, such as fulfilling ADA requirements, adhering to corporate or building branding standards, and other pertinent design intentions, thereby ensuring a holistic fusion of the signage solution within the project's overarching vision.

Our signage design packages offer a comprehensive array of features, notably encompassing building marquees and monumental signage, exterior wayfinding for pedestrians and vehicles, interior room signage, and standards for both wayfinding and retail signage. The signage implementation process typically unfolds across three distinct phases: a meticulous assessment of ADA compliance and needs, coupled with the documentation of design intentions; proficient management of bid procedures and thorough review of submitted proposals; culminating in meticulous on-site verification to ascertain conformance with the Contract Documents.


I just tested the completed product and it’s incredible. Well done team. I know so many hands and brains went into the final product and I’m so excited. Can’t wait for people to interact with it and give us feedback.


Monique Birkeli
Marketing/In-House Agency
Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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