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Signage and Wayfinding

Identify, Direct and Inform...Creatively

We collaborate directly with Architecture and Interior Design teams to coordinate and implement creative signage design solutions that are appropriate and compatible with the design intent and use of the building and its surrounding environment. Typically, signage design services include analysis of and recommendations for wayfinding and signage solutions that define the scope of the signage needed to address ADA requirements, corporate or building branding standards and other design intent considerations to appropriately integrate the signage solution into the overall project.

Our signage design packages most often include building marquees and monumental signage, exterior pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding signage, interior room signage, wayfinding and exiting signage and retail signage standards. Signage for most projects can be divided into three phases: ADA Compliance and Needs Analysis / Design Intent Documentation, Bid Management / Review of Submittals, and Field Verification for conformance with the Contract Documents.

We are actively engaged in our design community including contributing to the regional leadership of SEGD. Our Associate responsible for Signage and Wayfinding Design, Stephen Dubberly, is the Co-Chair of the Atlanta Chapter of SEGD.


I highly recommend the Graphic Design Services of Smallwood for any project that requires high quality design, attention to detail and a successful end product.



Tom Linder, Developer

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