Concourse Corporate Center Wayfinding

Atlanta, Georgia

Revitalizing Iconic Towers of Sandy Springs

In conjunction with the Interior Design scope and aesthetic of this project, our Experiential Graphic Design team developed a comprehensive public space wayfinding plan to efficiently guide tenants and visitors through the large, high traffic lobbies. The Sapelli wood panels are adorned with modern typographic solutions constructed of solid brushed aluminum to complement the sleek design of the interior space. In keeping with the overall design intent, precision cut aluminum letters identify each elevator cab serving the office towers. The project signage not only serves its practical purpose but also adds well-planned detail and visual interest to the overall space.

For information about the Architecture and Interior Design our team provided for this project, please click the link above. 

“Our team and investors have been very pleased with the design and execution and we continue to get great feedback from the tenants. The “King” and “Queen” in particular have been totally transformed and restored to their original iconic class “A” status.”


Andrew Allman
Director - Development Services
Regent Partners, LLC

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