CP Kelco

Atlanta, Georgia

High-Performance Research Lab Design

This renovation of 35,000 SF of office space was transformed into a Customer Experience Center (CEC). The project included office space, a demonstration kitchen, and finish and lighting recommendations for connected laboratories.

With an open ceiling and natural materials, the Kitchen was designed to allow cooking demonstrations for their clients and serve as the employee breakroom. Commercial-grade appliances were specified and AV support for viewing the cooking demonstrations on monitors above the cooking area.

Adjacent to the Kitchen, the CEC functions as a large, flexible meeting space that can support training with lounge-type seating. A video wall provides presentations. The office space offers height-adjustable desks for each employee, phone rooms, impromptu meeting spaces, and writeable walls.

CP Kelco wanted to convey the connection to the natural products they manufacture. Our Experiential Graphic Design team responded in several ways. A glass, interactive world map spotlights the origin locations of core ingredients and partner locations. In addition, custom, hand-drawn illustrations of core ingredients are interwoven throughout the signage and wayfinding program. A large, flowing painted floor graphic, representing water, leads guests down laboratory hallways, pausing outside individual labs for a quick rundown of the processes. Large wayfinding panels are located at each entry.

"I have nothing but gratitude for the part that the three of you, and your teams, played in bringing this project to life."


Chris McAnarney
Senior Project Manager
CP Kelco


Amanda Wing, Interior Designer, Principal