Tenant Build Out in 725 Ponce

Atlanta, Georgia

Cutting Edge Technology

In 2019 Smallwood began designing a 34,000 SF cutting edge, agile workplace and conference center for a long-time client looking to increase their presence in the Atlanta Tech market. The space consists of flexible workstations, shared collaborative team spaces, and reconfigurable conference rooms of all sizes. This agility allows the space to be reconfigured to mimic the fluid teams working in the space. Shared phone rooms and heads-down spaces offer employees a “choice of place” for different tasks. Gracious work/lounge spaces, perimeter seating, sit-stand desks, high-top tables, open booths, writable walls, and boards combined with cutting-edge technology provide end-users with an extraordinary experience. All of these elements draw end-users into the office to collaborate while allowing them the ultimate flexibility to connect with those that are remote. The space serves as not only a satellite office, but a recruiting and retention tool.

"We received such positive feedback and have certainly delivered on our goal to create spaces that inspire current and future staff, Operators, and guests. I appreciate your ongoing contributions to creating environments and experiences that truly enrich others."


Christina Coleman,
Campus Planning & Development
Chick-fil-A, Inc.

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