Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort Parking Deck Wayfinding Graphics

Cherokee, North Carolina

A Clear and Warm Welcome

Located in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort features over 1,800 premier rooms, exceptional dining, live entertainment and a vibrant casino floor.

The addition of a new 1,000+ space parking deck to the campus required a parking wayfinding system that supported the brand’s superior level of guest service. A bright, yet sophisticated, color palette paired with design elements that echo the angles of the surrounding mountainscapes bring life to the directional signage and painted wayfinding features.

Guests feel welcomed from their first moments inside the deck and then easily and safely directed to their destinations with highly visible and easily discernable color applications per level. Clearly marked parking aisles, along with level numbers, provide directional information to elevators viewable throughout each level.  

Painted graphics on columns, stair walls and elevator entries reinforce level identification while adding color and warmth throughout the deck. In addition to a friendly pop of color, these painted applications also provide illustrated points of interest while carrying large, easy-to-read directional information for guests to stair and elevator entries.

As at all points on the campus, safety is a priority within the deck, both for those in automobiles and pedestrians. Multiple sign types and applications carry these messages including reminders of speed limit and calling attention to pedestrian crossings and travel paths.

As guests conclude their visit to Harrah’s Casino Resort and travel down the deck’s exit ramp, they pass under large-scale illustrated graphics that carry the messages of “Thank you for Choosing Cherokee” and “Travel Safely” to once more reinforce the friendly and customer-focused Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort brand.