Chick-fil-A "The Kitchen" Signage

Atlanta, Georgia

Materials and Environment Merge

“The Kitchen” was created from the directive given by Chick-fil-A to take a warehouse setting and create a facility for food innovation. The Kitchen provides a series of collaborative spaces and test kitchens where end-users explore new menu items and/or refine existing foods and beverage offerings for Chick-fil-A restaurants throughout the United States. Throughout the space, a graphic and wayfinding program was implemented.

The goal of the space was to provide privacy for the chefs to work on projects when needed while allowing guests to experience and feel a part of the space. This was accomplished by providing viewing windows into each kitchen with custom graphic shades that can be lowered as needed. Also, multiple glass features with custom graphic film allow viewing from one room to the next, while highlighting the chefs, food, and culinary tools.

Customized displays, along the tour path, highlight the history of the chicken sandwich and other products developed by the innovation group throughout the years. At the end of the tour path, guests are given the opportunity to suggest items they would like to see on the menu. This is just another way that Chick-fil-A makes the guest feel a part of the overall experience.

The custom designed signage for the project extends the idea of "The Kitchen" and the Chick-fil-A brand by incorporating bamboo cutting boards as signage panels. Marker boards were integrated into each large sign panel for each of the individual kitchen studios within the project.

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"Outstanding job!"


Tom Childers
Menu Innovation & Quality
Chick-fil-A, Inc.