Fifth Street Pedestrian Bridge

Atlanta, Georgia

Bridging the Gap

Once Georgia Tech made the strategic decision to expand their campus into Midtown, a seamless connection between both sides of the campus became essential. The Fifth Street Bridge is designed to be user-friendly for pedestrians, bicycle, and vehicles alike, all while concealing its identity as a bridge over a noisy interstate highway by introducing a continuous urban park environment. This new green space has become a popular venue for a wide variety of student activities.

Views and sounds of the interstate are masked by raised planters and trees, while spectacular views of the Atlanta skyline are preserved. A trellis adjacent to the sidewalk further enhances the sensation of being in a park and lends shade and seating to the pedestrian experience. Ecos Environmental Design worked with our team on the development of a cohesive planting design for the bridge. 

Our team also provided architectural design services for this project. For more information about this practice area, please click the link above.


"The bridge has transformed Midtown into a dynamic live-learn-work-play community. Projects like these pave the way to transform [our City] and reconnect neighborhoods into a community setting."


Mickey McGee
District Construction Engineer
Department of Transportation

The Americas
Awards & Recognition

Award of Excellence-Urban Design

- Atlanta Urban Design Commission 2010

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