GreyStone Power Headquarters

Paulding County, Georgia

Cohesive Design Approach Creates Corporate Campus for Next Generation 

A cohesive, new campus for the GreyStone Power Corporation unfolds on a pastoral site in Paulding County, Georgia. The comprehensive campus plan supports GreyStone Power’s role as an essential service provider and an engaged participant in the community. The campus is designed to support the functions of the company and offer restorative, unifying experiences for the people of GreyStone Power. Buildings, vehicular circulation, walkways, and amenities are strategically located for secure, efficient operations while preserving the natural features of the 194-acre site. 

GreyStone commissioned Smallwood to perform a thorough program review, comprehensive master planning process, and full-service design for new headquarters facilities. The project includes four key buildings:  Administration Headquarters, Operations & Engineering, Warehouse, and Vehicle Maintenance. Pole storage structures, paved areas for vehicle and truck parking, and a fueling station are also integrated into the campus plan. A covered walkway links the Administration Building and the Operations & Engineering Building along a curved path with direct access to employee parking and outdoor amenities. The vision of creating a cohesive campus for employees, members, and guests was realized with the completion of construction in 2020.

Administration Building

The Administration Building signals the presence of GreyStone Power Corporation Headquarters overlooking the public entrance to the campus. Key functions of the building include Corporate Offices, Multi-Purpose Room, Credit Services, Cashiering, Call Center, and Fitness Center. The design responds to the vision of a collaborative, healthy, work environment for employees and a welcoming experience for visitors. 

Balancing solidity and transparency, the three-story building is clad in precast-concrete panels, stone veneer, and colored glass. Sunshades accentuate the horizontal windows and animate the façade with shadows and highlights while reducing solar heat-gain in the interior. The steel structure and building envelope are designed to exceed code requirements in order to withstand the forces of extreme wind, addressing the need for the facility to remain operational after a severe weather event. 

The complexities of circulation, security, and separate functions are organized in an efficient floor plan with a central service core. Interior spaces receive generous natural daylight through floor-to-ceiling windows which take advantage of panoramic views.  Private offices, open workspace, meeting rooms, and an executive boardroom are provided. Several comfortable, collaboration spaces offer an alternate way to interact in the workplace.

The divisible Multi-Purpose Room opens directly to a large exterior terrace and functions as a technologically advanced meeting space, dining hall, and space for community outreach and public meetings.  Complementing the Multi-Purpose Room is a professional-grade kitchen for the preparation of meals during special events or to serve employees during emergency operations. 

Employee wellness is encouraged by offering an open, energetic Fitness Center with daylight and views - complete with lockers and showers. A landscaped, roof terrace, accessed from the executive suites and pre-function area, offers respite and views of the pastoral campus.

Operations and Engineering Building 

The 0perations and Engineering (O&E) Building serves as a home base for line persons and the technical staff of GreyStone Power. It is centrally located among the collection of buildings on campus and directly connected to the Administration Building by the covered, site walkway. 

Exterior, tilt-up, concrete walls and steel roof enclose an expansive 41,000 square feet, offering a large, open, work environment in this one-story building.  Private offices located along the perimeter allow natural daylight to reach the interior of the building through interior glass partitions. Workrooms and meeting rooms are dispersed around the centrally located breakroom and locker room. 

Within the O&E Building, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), a state-of-the-art network and communications hub, is housed in a concrete structure designed to address the requirement for continuous operations of the facility after a severe weather event.

Vehicle Maintenance Building

The Vehicle Maintenance Building is designed to support the repair and service of company vehicles and transformers. The building is a pre-engineering, metal structure that is clad with an insulated metal panel system. It is located on the north side of the campus and across the apron from the Warehouse.

The vehicle service area consists of 12 service bays accessed through 14’ high overhead doors, a paint shop, steel fabrication, and parts storage. The transformer shop, with a 10-ton hoist crane, and the meter testing facility are separated from the vehicle service areas by a support zone that includes offices and general storage space. 


The Warehouse is a hub for field operations. Exterior, tilt-up, concrete walls and a steel roof enclose the 51,000 square foot warehouse which includes 20’ high storage racks, office and support space. An efficient warehouse operation is supported by the configuration of storage racks in the center and a continuous loading dock that wraps three sides of the building. An extensive 61,000 square foot canopy protects the loading dock staging area and provides cover for bucket trucks and vehicles preparing to be dispatched into the field. 

Experiential Graphic Design

The thematic elements of the branded environment portion of the project focus on the work of the people of GreyStone Power. From large-format illustrations, shaded in complementary colors to other interior finishes, create a strong visual connection not only to the brand but to the work and services provided by the corporation. Throughout the administration environment and the operations and engineering building, consistent applications of interior and exterior wayfinding and base building signage solidify the consistency of the feel of a unified campus environment. Brand-centric site and monument signage utilizing natural and architectural materials greet visitors and members alike as they approach the sprawling campus. Vehicular wayfinding signage aids in direction reinforcing the sense of place that encompasses every aspect of the project.

Landscape Architecture

The landscape promotes an identity for the campus, bridging buildings with both mature landscapes and new social spaces. The design was approached with a light touch, preserving the pastoral site with long vistas over prairie-like grasses, rolling hills, and clusters of mixed hardwoods and mature pines. Function, security, and maintenance are important factors that influenced the design solution. From paths along wetlands to panoramic views from a green roof terrace, there are many ways for the people of GreyStone Power to engage the landscape at their new headquarters.

Large-scale environments and intimate, human-scale spaces can flourish together on the 194-acre site. Design and construction limited site disturbance to 60 acres of campus. Natural grasses and clusters of hardwoods and pines were restored in disturbed areas to preserve the natural beauty of the site. 

Responding to the topography, the campus buildings are located on prominent knolls. A collection of outdoor, amenity spaces compliments the program of the Administration Building. Gardens and outdoor seating welcome staff to meet and socialize near the entrance to the employee lounge. Functions of the Multi-Purpose Room may be extended directly to the adjacent terrace and garden. The upper level of the Administration Building hosts an accessible green roof planted with sedums and partially paved with wood decking to provide another opportunity for outdoor meeting and socializing. 

"Working with you and your team of professionals was indeed a pleasure and a great learning experience for all of us at GreyStone. Your organization took the time to understand our unique culture along with our long-term needs. Smallwood designed and delivered a very beautiful campus that married the natural landscape into a functional facility that should well serve GreyStone and its members for decades to come."


Gary A. Miller
GreyStone Power Corporation