Tim Johannesson


As our IT leader, Tim Johannessen is charged with the daunting responsibility of identifying opportunities broadly defined under the umbrella of Technology and integrating those that propel the firm forward through efficiency, cost containment, and data security.  While maintaining our current needs is a challenging and consuming focus, having a wary eye cast toward future technologies, separates Tim from the functional and positions himself squarely as our Technology leader. 

On a daily basis, he oversees in-house personnel and coordinates the support from external consultancies, keeps our ever-growing staff plugged in and optimally fortified with the hardware and software they need to design, collaborate and stay productive from wherever we might be working. Over the longer term, Tim has effectively been the keystone to keeping our efforts commensurate with industry standards and supporting our advancement whenever economically plausible. 

Tim has always been quick to jump in, help out and present solutions that make immediate sense of broken processes or frustrating obstacles. He has allowed Technology to be our silent support mechanism – and when needed, he allows us to present our services faster, more reliably and often via cutting edge solutions that give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.   


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Florida State University