Clyde L. Strickland Entrepreneurship Center

Discovery High School | Lawrenceville, Georgia

Choice of Place for an Adaptable Learning Environment  

Discovery High School is home to the new entrepreneurial program that empowers students to start their own businesses and invites them to learn in a nontraditional, engaging environment. The space is modeled after corporate interior workplace and innovation spaces to promote future thinkers to work in different ways. 

Located on the second floor, the space is 16,300 SF of raw, open space for creating and building prototypes of products and/or concepts. Flexible, undefined spaces were designed to provide an innovative, interactive learning environment and are full of potential to morph with the students’ needs. Four classrooms with pull-down overhead doors between the rooms provide additional flexibility and can be combined into one large room as needed.

Mobile furniture and adaptable open space with ample technology allow the space to serve a variety of needs including an area designated for online learning and testing, restaurant booths allow for brainstorming, a 3D printer, embroidery machine, and large format printers available for students’ use. Vibrant colors and diverse furniture were provided to invite the students to dive in, be innovative and dream big.

For information about the Experiential Graphic Design our team provided for this project, please click the link above. 

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