Commonwealth Games Village

New Delhi, India

An Expression of Indian Hospitality

The Commonwealth Games Village Residential Project occupies a site along the east bank of the Yamuna River. It is accessible via National Highway 24 and is located near the famed Akshardham Temple at NOIDA crossing. The project was strategically planned to house approximately 8,000 participants in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and has subsequently been released and sold as luxury residential condominiums.   

The master plan respects the stipulated guidelines requiring it to maintain the view and relational axes from Akshardham Temple to the various prominent landmarks in the city. The various residential blocks, designed to be as efficient as possible, are clustered into a collection of buildings that define various landscaped zones. These spaces were designed as a series of pleasant and vibrant landscaped environments that enhance the social milieu of the residents.  

Project Highlights

Area: 11 Hectares, 27 Acres
Residential: 365,838 SM (1,200,255 SF), 1,168 Units, 34 Apartment Towers, 7-9 Stories Each, Above Ground Entry Level
Amenities: Community Clubhouse 2,600 SM (8,530 SF), Pool, Clinic, Small Restaurant
Parking: 2,212 Spaces