Khazana Headquarters

Chennai, India

Modern Corporate Identity

Khazana Corporate Headquarters is located at the intersection of Whites Road and Pattulas Road, adjacent to Desabhandu Plaza facing Express Avenue mall across Pattulas Road. The site is an “L” shaped property occupying 3,014 SM with intended gross construction area of 9,645 SM. 

The Headquarters is housed in a ten-story tower with and linked bridge connecting to a small three-story annex. The entrance lobby occupies the first floor of the tower with an exhibition space. The lobby is a grand double volume space. On the second floor, apart from the lobby’s void, there is the gallery, training room and staff canteen. From the third to the ninth floor are typical offices. The executive office sits on the top of the tower on the tenth floor. There are two basement levels with a provision of 85 parking spaces.

The design is slick and modern. The tower features glass curtain wall with metallic horizontal lines to emphasize its modernity. From floors eight to ten, the front elevation (along Pattulas Road) is punctuated with a sky garden terrace to provide interest to the elevation. On the ground level, a double-story high, extended canopy forms the porte-cochere that will allow multiple cars to drop off at the same time.

South Asia

Architecture, Office