Sheraton Da Lat

Da Lat, Vietnam

Secluded Mountain Village

The Sheraton Da Lat is a five-star resort hotel nestled in the scenic hills near Da Lat, Vietnam. Envisioned as a village of small buildings along a serpentine roadway, the design provides a sensitive response to the highland topography and temperate climate. Guestrooms are located in seven pairs of three-story buildings. The relatively small footprint of each guestroom building helps to minimize the cutting and filling of the existing hillside during construction.  
Skillfully placed along the entrance drive, the guestroom buildings offer unobstructed views of the surrounding area. Near the summit of the hill, the winding entrance drive terminates at a U-shaped building containing the resort’s public spaces. Restaurants, meeting rooms, ballroom and spa surround a courtyard whose design incorporates waterfalls and terraced landscaping typical of the region. 

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