Hardware Park

Hyderabad, India

Campus Styled IT Park

Hardware Park occupies a Site Area of 123 hectare, with a gross construction area of 1.5 million SM. It is an integrated IT Park and a self-sufficient development consisting of IT and commercial areas including retail, hotel, health and educational facilities as well as residential developments providing housing for the Park’s workers. 

The IT Office Park is the main component of the development featuring series of well detailed, modern IT office buildings planned in an orderly, campus-like environment. More than sixty low and medium-rise office blocks are positioned along the main access road generally in compliance with in an efficient, overall grid. The building designs are modern with crisp, painted plaster walls, slick glass and metal panel features to accentuate the modern, high-tech aesthetic. Lush landscaped garden amenities are integrated throughout the park to provide a pleasant working and living environment in close proximity to the building users.