Chick-fil-A Cafe Servery Renovation

College Park, Georgia

A Recipe for Enhanced Dining Experiences

Chick-fil-A, Inc., had an existing corporate dining facility called 'the Café', built in 2005 and spanning approximately 24,000 SF, faced the challenge of accommodating 2,700 staff daily, particularly during the bustling lunch hour. The space required enhancements to its serving lines to alleviate high-volume pressure. The client sought a design solution that not only expanded the serving area and introduced new drink services but also integrated a new storefront. Furthermore, Chick-fil-A desired a revitalization of finishes, lighting, and acoustics in the dining space, accommodating up to 525 persons, while maintaining a reflection of the company's brand and culture.

Our design concept aimed to craft an immersive environment reflecting Chick-fil-A's culture, fostering a sense of openness and engagement. We envisioned a space not only conducive to dining but also adaptable for collaborative activities beyond typical office hours. Embracing warm palettes with bursts of color drawn from the brand identity, we envisioned a space that beckoned users to linger and interact.

Addressing functional challenges without compromising the budget, our design team approached the project with creativity and pragmatism. Retaining the kitchen's structure and serving line locations, we reimagined user circulation patterns, relocating the salad station to create a distinct entry wall from the elevators. This simple shift unlocked opportunities for two additional serving stations, enhancing flow and capacity. Opening up ceiling elements and introducing varied lighting levels, we imbued the space with a sense of expansiveness, augmenting it with warm, textured materials for an inviting atmosphere. To mitigate acoustics in the vast dining area, we strategically deployed acoustic felt clouds, breaking up the space and enhancing comfort. Chick-fil-A enthusiastically embraced the results, witnessing increased capacity and an enriched dining experience.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to functional innovation and aesthetic harmony, crafting spaces that resonate with both purpose and personality.