Kunshan Shimao Butterfly Bay

Kunshan City, China

An Enclave for High-Density Living

Kunshan Shimao Butterfly Bay is an internationally oriented, eco-friendly, mixed use development designed on a 71-hectare site around a lake south of Kunshan City China. 

The developed site provides a refreshing urban oasis near the heart of Kunshan, including open space, natural surroundings, and extensive passive and active recreational amenities. An entertainment district supported by office/residential, an upscale hotel, strip retail, and a public plaza anchors the southern edge of the site and is the focus for Phase I. Designed to encouorage a sense of community and family at a more intimate scale, the project includes community amenities located near and around the lake. Open landscaped areas are woven through the formal development to connect the varied districts.

This is a mixed use development which occupies a site of 7.78 hectare with an allowable plot ratio of 1.5. The proposed GFA is over 900,000 SM, where over 60% are residential and over 30% are commercial and amenities.

The project features a huge man-made lake in the shape of a butterfly that occupies 40% of the site. The program includes shopping malls, a thematic shopping district, office/SOHO, hotel and serviced apartments, mid-rise apartments, townhouses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, clubhouses and schools.