Pine Street Elementary

Conyers, Georgia

Designed to Inspire Students

The Interior Design at Pine Street Elementary supports a flexible learning environment with mobile and casual furnishings, open and enclosed learning environments, and advanced technology. Open ceilings, exposed duct work, and floating acoustical elements allow for an open, less sterile environment while still providing acoustically pleasing spaces. These areas serve as dual learning spaces, collaborative environments, or simply areas to touch down and do one-on-one learning. This variance in space types, furnishings, and multipurpose settings empower students at an early age to discover, innovate, and create in a nontraditional learning environment. 

Color is instrumental to the design of the elementary school as color plays a key role in student’s emotions. It can also be used as a learning and way finding tool. For example, each bay of the school has a predominant accent color, and the central zones incorporate all the colors. The use of color and non-traditional materials provide visual stimulation for students and directional cues to assist with wayfinding and identification of various grade levels.

Strategically displayed throughout the facility are large scale graphics depicting local landmarks to expose students to history and culture. In addition to the graphic component, artistry depicting well known children’s books highlight collaboration areas and inspire the children to read.

Every space is thoughtfully designed for a learning opportunity and supports the new pedagogical methods.

To learn more about the Architecture and Landscape Architecture services provided for this project, please click the links above. 

Smallwood also provided Experiential Graphic Design services for this project. To learn more about this practice area, please click the link above.

"Great collaboration. This won't be your grandfather's elementary school."


Richard Autry
Rockdale County Public Schools

The Americas
Awards & Recognition

“School of the Future” First Place

- AGC Build Georgia Awards 2019