Vinhomes Ba Son

Ba Son, Land Son Province, Vietnam

Landmark Project Along Saigon River

Vinhomes Ba Son is part of the bustling central business district anchored by the Independence Palace. The project enjoys a continuous waterfront along the Saigon River and the site is oriented from northeast to southwest in a longitudinal configuration. In the northeast sector, the project has a more residentiial character than commercial, offering views of the tributaries of the Saigon River and the zoo gardens nearby. Forty exclusive downtown villas are offered with close proximity to the business district and a fantastic view of the Saigon River.

The commercial district to the southwest, which is close to the major business district, takes advantage of the metro station by anchoring office and hotel towers in close proximity. A variety of facilities and amenities are introduced to enhance urban living including a retail shopping mall that is integrated with the metro station, a cultural center, a primary/secondary school, a kindergarten and a clinic.