Zulal Destination Spa & Family Resort

Al Ruwais, Qatar

Destination Wellness Integrated Resort

This resoort is located on the northern tip of the Qatar Peninsula in an area called Al Mafjar, near Al Ruwais. The 28-hectare site is rectangular in shape and offers approximately 1.2 KM of beach frontage. Zulal Destination Spa & Family Resort will be one of its kind integrated wellness hubs.

The project is divided into three separate zones: The Spa, The Bridge Spa and The Five-Star Family Resort. The Spa Zone features guest rooms and suites, lobby and entertainment, spa and wellness facility, botanical gardens, medi spa, and anti-aging clinic. The Bridge Spa features a teen spa, demonstration kitchen, film studio, artisan studio, date grove, and a wide variety of retail shops.

The five-star family resort will have guestrooms, villas, F&Bs, fitness center, spa, and indoor swimming pool. The design organizes itself with traditional Arabic geometries and the architecture style is modern Arabian with a local color palette. The project will also have a Mosque.

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