Luis Urrea


Luis is an experienced project manager specializing in hospitality, multifamily, and commercial projects. With over 20 years of industry experience, his focus is on satisfying client needs and fostering long-term relationships.

He coordinates the Construction Documentation phase, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and quality control of drawings. He also interprets and clarifies Contract Documents during construction, closely collaborating with the Project Manager/Contract Administrator.

Luis values effective teamwork, creating a positive work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Leveraging his project management experience and communication skills, he consistently delivers successful projects that exceed client expectations.

He stays updated with industry trends through continuous professional development. Luis's bilingual skills in English and Spanish enhance his ability to communicate effectively, bridging language barriers and ensuring a comprehensive understanding among project participants. Overall, with his extensive experience, project management expertise, client communication skills, and bilingual proficiency, Luis is well-equipped to successfully manage complex projects from start to finish.



Master of Business Administration
Eafit University, Colombia, 2001

Bachelor of Science in
Architecture and Urbanism,
UPB University, Colombia, 1990