JW Marriott and Holiday Inn

Kolkata, India

Twin Hotels, Independent by Function, Integrated by Design

The primary vision for this development was to create a unique, amenity-rich environment comparable in character with contemporary international business and tourist hotels. Integrated and creative in design, the development strives to create an architectural landmark with a vibrant sense of place and ambiance by which all future Kolkata developments will be measured. Dynamic architecture with a classically inspired, modern order features a layered rhythm of elegant details merged to create an architectural language. This level of individuality reinforces the sense of place and the familiar language welcomes home discerning patrons.

The Emaar Kolkata Twin Hotel Development occupies a rectangular site of around 247,800 SF, conveniently located near downtown Kolkata. This prominent 681,400 SF project will consist of a 275 room J.W. Marriot hotel tower, a 250 room Holiday Inn tower and a 95,800 SF destination retail center. The development includes car and bike parking and services areas. 

The two five-star hotels are complemented with a full assortment of amenities including a spacious and tranquil pool terrace, verdant landscaped retreats, a luxurious spa and a collection of quality restaurants and trendy eateries.