Nanjing Shimao Riviera

Nanjing, China

Riverfront Living with Integrated Facilities and Amenities

This will be a self-sustaining New Town. The development comprises 45 to 55-story super high-rise apartments, 27 to 33-story high-rise apartments,club house, shopping mall/office/entertainment outlets, five-star hotel, school, kindergarten, community center, supermarket, wet market, dry market, and public utilities.

The master plan places the low to mid-rise commercial strip along the Yangtze River to create a desirable business and commercial ambiance and also buffer the river from the high-rise development. The commercial strip is punctuated with an iconic convention center and a five-star hotel at the river mouth. 

This New Town is located on the east bank of Yangtze River. The project is under Xiaguan District where all the key areas of Nanjing are located. The site area is 503,800 SM, measuring 1.3 km from North to South. It is bordered by Hui Min Road to the east, Zhongshan North Road to the North and the Sancha River to the South. The stipulated plot ratio is 3.0 with a gross floor area of 1,511,500 SM.