Great City, Splendid River

Wuhan, China

Completing the Golden Triangle

Great City, Splendid River is located in the Hanyang District along Riverbank Avenue. It is strategically located next to Yangtze River and occupies the historic Parrot Islet at the junction of three districts. The 87.7 hectare, 1,810,000 SM mixed use development includes super high-rise apartments, high-rise apartments, mid-rise apartments, high-grade office buildings, SoHo apartments, five-star hotel, shopping malls, schools and full residential amenities and facilities. The entire development forms a tourism golden triangle with the famous Huanghe Pagoda and Turtle Mountain Tower. This integrated international riverfront township consists of a luxury hotel, class A, office buildings, strata title apartments, SoHo (live/work) units, a commercial mall and additional housing. 

Area: 657,000 SM (7,100,000 SF), Total GFA 1,675,000 SM (18,000,000 SF)
Hotel: 102,000 SM (1,100,000 SF)
Retail: 349,400 SM (3,800,000 SF)
Residential: 1,125,100 SM (12,100,000 SF)
School: 11,000 SM (118,000 SF)